Grant DQS Roles to Users

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only

This topic describes how to create SQL logins based on a Windows principal, and grant Data Quality Services (DQS) roles on the DQS_MAIN database.


  • You must have completed the Data Quality Server installation by running the DQSInstaller.exe file. For more information, see Run DQSInstaller.exe to Complete Data Quality Server Installation.

  • Your Windows user account must be a member of the appropriate fixed server role (such as securityadmin, serveradmin, or sysadmin) to create SQL login, and grant them DQS roles.

To create SQL login and grant DQS roles

  1. Start SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. In SQL Server Management Studio, expand your SQL Server instance, and then expand Security.

  3. Right-click the Security folder, point to New, and then click Login.

  4. In the Login - New dialog box, specify the name of a Windows user in the Login name box, specify the type of authentication as Windows authentication, and click Search to validate the user.

  5. After the user is validated, click the User Mapping page in the left pane.

  6. In the right pane, select the check box under the Map column for the DQS_MAIN database, and then select the dqs_administrator, dqs_kb_editor, or dqs_kb_operator check box in the Database role membership for: DQS_MAIN pane, depending on the access level needed for the user. For information about the three DQS roles, see DQS Security.

  7. In the Login - New dialog box, click OK to apply the changes.


    If you grant the dqs_administrator role to a user, apply the changes, and then recheck the user permissions, the other two DQS roles check boxes (dq_kb_editor and dqs_kb_operator) are also selected.

Next Steps

Try logging on to Data Quality Server by using the Windows user account for which you just created a SQL login, and granted a DQS role.

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