Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Syntax Conventions

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services

The Data Mining Extensions (DMX) reference documentation in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services uses the following conventions to describe the DMX language.

Convention Usage
bold DMX keywords and text that must be typed exactly as shown.
italic User-supplied arguments of DMX syntax.
| (vertical bar) Used to separate syntax items within brackets or braces. You can choose only one of the items.
[ ] (brackets) Contain optional syntax items. Do not type the brackets.
{ } (braces) Contain required syntax items. Do not type the braces.
, ... Indicates that the item before the comma can be repeated any number of times. The items are separated by commas.
<label> ::= The name for a block of syntax. This convention is used to group and label sections of lengthy syntax or a unit of syntax that can be used in more than one location within a statement. Each location in which the block of syntax can be used is indicated with the label enclosed in chevrons, such as <label>.

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