Azure Blob Upload Task

Applies to: SQL Server SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

The Azure Blob Upload Task enables an SSIS package to upload files to Azure Blob Storage.

To add an Azure Blob Upload Task, drag-drop it to the SSIS Designer, and double-click or right-click and click Edit to see the following Azure Blob Upload Task Editor dialog box.

The Azure Blob Upload Task is a component of the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Feature Pack for Azure.

The following table provides descriptions for the fields in this dialog box.

Field Description
AzureStorageConnection Specify an existing Azure Storage Connection Manager or create a new one that refers to an Azure Storage Account, which points to where the blob files are hosted.
BlobContainer Specifies the name of the blob container that contains the uploaded files as blobs.
BlobDirectory Specifies the blob directory where the uploaded file is stored as a block blob. The blob directory is a virtual hierarchical structure. If the blob already exists, it is replaced.
LocalDirectory Specify the local directory that contains the files to be uploaded.
SearchRecursively Specify whether to search recursively within sub-directories.
FileName Specifies a name filter to select files with the specified name pattern. For example, MySheet*.xls\* includes files such as MySheet001.xls and MySheetABC.xlsx.
TimeRangeFrom/TimeRangeTo Specifies a time range filter. Files modified after TimeRangeFrom and before TimeRangeTo are included.