Oracle Connection Manager

Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

An Oracle Connection Manager is used to enable a package to extract data from Oracle Databases and load data into Oracle Databases.

The ConnectionManagerType property for the Oracle Connection Manager is set to ORACLE.

Configuring the Oracle Connection Manager

Oracle Connection Manager configuration changes will be resolved by Integration Services at runtime. Use the Oracle Connection Manager Editor dialog box to add a connection to an Oracle data source.

Connection Manager


Connection manager information

Enter information about the Oracle connection.


Input a name for the Oracle connection. The default name is Oracle Connection Manager.


Input a description of the connection. This input is optional.

TNS service name

Input the name of the Oracle database you work with. The TNS service name could be:

  • The connect descriptor name defined in the tnsnames.ora file that located in the admin folder of the Oracle client.

  • EzConnect format: [//]host[:port][/service_name]

For more information, see the Oracle documentation.

Connection Manager logging

Select one of the below options:

  • Use Windows Authentication: Select this to use Windows authentication.

  • Use Oracle Authentication: Select this to use Oracle database authentication. If you use this authentication, enter your Oracle credentials as follows:
    User name: Type the user name used to connect to the Oracle database.
    Password: Type the Oracle database password for the user entered in the user name field.


Windows Authentication is not supported for Oracle Server 18c.

Test Connection

Click Test Connection to verify if the information provided is correct. You will receive the message Test connection succeeded, if the information entered is able to connect to the Oracle database.


To specify ConnectionString directly, here is a sample with Oracle Authentication:

SERVER=\<YourOracleServerName or EzConnect format>;USERNAME=\<YourUserName>;PWD=\<YourPassword>;WINAUTH=0

Custom properties

There are following custom connection manager properties in the Oracle connection manager:

  • EnableDetailedTracing: Not Used.

  • OracleHome: Specify 32-bit Oracle Home name or folder to be used by the connector. (Optional)

  • OracleHome64: Specify 64-bit Oracle Home name or folder to be used by the connector when running in 64-bit mode. (Optional)

Custom properties are not listed in Oracle Connection Manager Editor. To set the OracleHome and OracleHome64 properties:

  1. From the Connection Manager area, right-click the Oracle connection manager you are working with and select Properties.

  2. In the Properties pane, set the OracleHome or OracleHome64 property with the full path to the Oracle home directory.

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