Source Assistant

Applies to: SQL Server SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

The Source Assistant component helps create a source component and connection manager. The component is located in the Favorites section of the SSIS Toolbox.


Source Assistant replaces the Integration Services Connections project and the corresponding wizard.

Add a source with Source Assistant

This section provides steps to add a new source using the Source Assistant and also lists the options that are available on the Add New Source dialog, which you will see when you drag-drop the Source Assistant to the SSIS Designer.

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), open the Integration Services package that you want to add a source component to.

  2. Drag the Source Assistant component from the SSIS Toolbox to the Data Flow tab. You should see the Add New Source dialog box. The next section provides you details about the options available in the dialog box.

  3. Select the type of the destination in the Types list.

  4. Select an existing connection manager in the Connection Managers list or select <New> to create a new connection manager.

  5. If you select an existing connection manager, click OK to close the Add New Destination dialog box. You should see the destination and connection managers added to the data flow.

  6. If you click <New> to create a new connection manager, you should see a Connection Manager dialog box, which lets you specify parameters for the connection. After you are done with creating the new connection manager, you will see the destination and the connection manager in SSIS Designer.

Add New Source dialog box

The following table lists options available in the Add New Source dialog box.

Option Description
Types Select the type of source you want to connect to.
Connection Managers Select an existing connection manager or click <New> to create a new connection manager.
Show installed only Specify whether to view only installed sources.
OK Click to save your changes and open any subsequent dialog boxes to configure additional options.