Expression Builder

Applies to: SQL Server SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

Use the Expression Builder dialog box to create and edit a property expression or write the expression that sets the value of a variable using a graphical user interface that lists variables and provides a built-in reference to the functions, type casts, and operators that the Integration Services expression language includes.

A property expression is an expression that is assigned to a property. When the expression is evaluated, the property is dynamically updated to use the evaluation result of the expression. Likewise, an expression that is used in a variable enables the variable value to be updated with the evaluation result of the expression.

There are many ways to use expressions:

  • Tasks Update the To line that a Send Mail task uses by inserting an e-mail address that is stored in a variable; or update the Subject line by concatenating a string such as "Sales for: " and the current date returned by the GETDATE function.

  • Variables Set the value of a variable to the current month by using an expression like DATEPART("mm",GETDATE()); or set the value of a string by concatenating the string literal and the current date by using the expression "Today's date is " + (DT_WSTR,30)(GETDATE()).

  • Connection Managers Set the code page of a Flat File connection manager by using a variable that contains a different code page identifier; or specify the number of rows in the data file to skip by entering a positive integer like 3 in the expression.

To learn more about property expressions and writing expressions, see Use Property Expressions in Packages and Integration Services (SSIS) Expressions.


Term Definition
Variables Expand the Variables folder and drag variables to the Expression box.
Mathematical Functions

String Functions

Date/Time Functions

NULL Functions

Type Casts

Expand the folders and drag functions, type casts, and operators to the Expression box.
Expression Edit or type an expression.`
Evaluated value Lists the evaluation result of the expression.
Evaluate Expression Click Evaluate Expression to view the evaluation result of the expression.

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