LOWER (SSIS Expression)

Applies to: SQL Server SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

Returns a character expression after converting uppercase characters to lowercase characters.




Is a character expression to convert to lowercase characters.

Result Types



LOWER works only with the DT_WSTR data type. A character_expression argument that is a string literal or a data column with the DT_STR data type is implicitly cast to the DT_WSTR data type before LOWER performs its operation. Other data types must be explicitly cast to the DT_WSTR data type. For more information, see Integration Services Data Types and Cast (SSIS Expression).

LOWER returns a null result if the argument is null.

Expression Examples

This example converts a string literal to lowercase characters. The return result is "new york".

LOWER("New York")  

This example converts all characters from the Color input column, except the first character, to lowercase characters. If Color is YELLOW, the return result is "Yellow". For more information, see SUBSTRING (SSIS Expression).

LOWER(SUBSTRING(Color, 2, 15))  

This example converts the value in the CityName variable to lowercase characters.


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