Lesson 3: Install SSIS Packages

Applies to: SQL Server SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

In Lesson 2: Create the Deployment Bundle in SSIS, you built a deployment utility and created the deployment bundle that contains the items that you must install packages on another computer. You also verified the file list in the deployment bundle and examined the contents of the manifest file that was created when you built the deployment utility.

In this lesson, you will copy the deployment bundle to the destination computer and then run the Package Installation Wizard to install the packages, package dependencies, and ancillary files on that computer. The packages will be installed in the msdbSQL Server database and the other items will be installed in the file system. After you complete the package installation, you will test the deployment by running the packages from SQL Server Management Studio using the Execute Package Utility.

Estimated time to complete this lesson: 30 minutes

Lesson Tasks

This lesson contains the following tasks:

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Step 1: Copying the Deployment Bundle