Security limitations for SQL Server on Linux

Applies to: SQL Server - Linux

SQL Server on Linux currently has the following limitations:

  • A standard password policy is provided. MUST_CHANGE is the only option you may configure. CHECK_POLICY option is not supported.
  • Extensible Key Management is not supported.
  • SQL Server Authentication mode cannot be disabled.
  • Using keys stored in the Azure Key Vault is not supported.
  • SQL Server generates its own self-signed certificate for encrypting connections. SQL Server can be configured to use a user provided certificate for TLS.

For more information about security features available in SQL Server, see the Security Center for SQL Server Database Engine and Azure SQL Database.

Next steps

For common security tasks, see Get started with security features of SQL Server on Linux. For a script to change the TCP port number, the SQL Server directories, and configure traceflags or collation, see Configure SQL Server on Linux with mssql-conf.