Machine Learning Server: manage web services with azureml-model-management-sdk

Applies to: Machine Learning Server, SQL Server 2017

'azureml-model-management-sdk' is a custom Python package developed by Microsoft. This package provides the classes and functions to deploy and interact with analytic web services. These web services are backed by code block and scripts in Python or R.

This topic is a high-level description of package functionality. These classes and functions can be called directly. For syntax and other details, see the individual function help topics in the table of contents.

Package details Information
Current version: 1.0.1b7
Built on: Anaconda distribution of Python 3.5
Package distribution: Machine Learning Server 9.x
SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Server (Standalone)

How to use this package

The azureml-model-management-sdk package is installed as part of Machine Learning Server and SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Server (Standalone) when you add Python to your installation. It is also available locally on Windows. When you install these products, you get the full collection of proprietary packages plus a Python distribution with its modules and interpreters.

You can use any Python IDE to write Python scripts that call the classes and functions in azureml-model-management-sdk. However, the script must run on a computer having Machine Learning Server or SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Server (Standalone) with Python.

Use cases

There are three primary use cases for this release:

  • Adding authentication logic to your Python script
  • Deploying standard or real-time Python web services
  • Managing and consuming these web services

Main classes and functions

Next steps

Add both Python modules to your computer by running setup:

Next, follow this quickstart to try it yourself:

Or, read this how-to article:

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