Attribute Groups (Master Data Services)

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

In Master Data Services, attribute groups help organize attributes in an entity. When an entity has lots of attributes, attribute groups improve the way an entity is displayed in the Master Data Manager web application.

How Attribute Groups Change the Display

Attribute groups are displayed as tabs above the grid in the Explorer functional area of Master Data Manager.

When an entity has a large number of attributes and you view that entity in a grid in Explorer, you must scroll to the right to view all of the attributes. To prevent this scrolling, you can create attribute groups.

  • Attribute groups always include the Name and Code attributes.

  • Each attribute for an entity can belong to one or more attribute groups.

  • All attributes are automatically included on the All Attributes tab in Explorer.

  • There is no way to hide the All Attributes tab.

Attribute groups are administered in the System Administration functional area of Master Data Manager.

Show or Hide Attribute Groups

When you create an attribute group, it is automatically hidden from all users except the one who created it. For more information about making the group visible, see Make an Attribute Group Visible to Users (Master Data Services).

If you want to hide a specific attribute within a group, you can assign Deny permission to the attribute. For more information, see Leaf Permissions (Master Data Services).

Task Description Topic
Create a new attribute group and add attributes to it. Create an Attribute Group (Master Data Services)
Make an attribute group visible to users. Make an Attribute Group Visible to Users (Master Data Services)
Change the name of an existing attribute group. Change an Attribute Group Name (Master Data Services)
Delete an existing attribute group. Delete an Attribute Group (Master Data Services)