Create a Collection (Master Data Services)

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

In Master Data Services, create a collection when you want to create flat lists of leaf and consolidated members. Collections do not need to include all members from the entity.


To perform this procedure:

  • You must have permission to access the Explorer functional area.

  • You must have a minimum of Update permission to the collection model object for the entity.

To create a collection

  1. On the Master Data Manager home page, from the Model list, select a model.

  2. From the Version list, select a version.

  3. Click Explorer.

  4. From the menu bar, point to Collections and click entity_name.

  5. Click Add collection.

  6. On the Details tab, in the Name box, type a name for the collection.

  7. In the Code box, type a unique code for the collection.

  8. Optionally, in the Description box, type a description for the collection.

  9. Click OK.

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