Database Logins, Users, and Roles (Master Data Services)

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

Master Data Services includes logins, users, and roles that are automatically installed on the SQL Server Database Engine instance that hosts the Master Data Services database. These logins, users, and roles should not be modified.


Login Description
mds_dlp_login Allows creation of UNSAFE assemblies. For more information, see Creating an Assembly.

-Disabled login with randomly-generated password.

-Maps to dbo for the Master Data Services database.

-For msdb, mds_clr_user maps to this login.
mds_email_login Enabled login used for notifications.

For msdb and the Master Data Services database, mds_email_user maps to this login.

msdb Users

User Description
mds_clr_user Not used. Maps to mds_dlp_login.
mds_email_user Used for notifications.

-Maps to mds_email_login.

-Is a member of the role: DatabaseMailUserRole.

Master Data Services Database Users

User Description
mds_email_user Used for notifications.

-Has SELECT permission for the mdm schema.

-Has EXECUTE permission for the mdm.MemberGetCriteria user defined table type.

-Has EXECUTE permission for the mdm.udpNotificationQueueActivate stored procedure.
mds_schema_user Owns the mdm and mdq schemas. The default schema is mdm.

Does not have a login mapped to it.
mds_ssb_user Used to execute Service Broker tasks.

-Has DELETE, INSERT, REFERENCES, SELECT, and UPDATE permission all schemas.

-Does not have a login mapped to it.

Master Data Services Database Role

Role Description Permissions
mds_exec This role contains the account you designate in Master Data Services Configuration Manager when you create a Master Data Manager web application and designate an account for the application pool. EXECUTE permission on all schemas.

ALTER, INSERT, and SELECT permission on these tables:




SELECT permission on these tables:




SELECT permission on these views:






Role Description
mdm Contains all Master Data Services database and Service Broker objects other than the functions contained in the mdq schema.
mdq Contains Master Data Services database functions related to filtering member results based on regular expressions or similarity, and for formatting notification emails.
stg Contains Master Data Services database tables, stored procedures, and views related to the staging process. Do not delete any of these objects. For more information about the staging process, see Overview: Importing Data from Tables (Master Data Services).

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