Deprecated Features of Master Data Services

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

This topic describes the deprecated Master Data Services features. Future release will remove these features. Deprecated features shouldn't be used in new applications.

Explicit hierarchies, collections, and related components are deprecated. Members that before were modeled as consolidated member types (explicit hierarchy parent) and collection member types are modeled as leaf members in derived hierarchies. The following new features enable derived hierarchies to take the place of explicit hierarchies.

  • Recursive Derived Hierarchies can now be used to assign member security permissions.

    An explicit hierarchy is analogous to a recursive derived hierarchy with a single, nonrecursive level below the recursive level. A recursive derived hierarchy can be complex by including level below and/or above a recursive level.

  • In Explorer, the derived hierarchy page now shows unassigned (unused) members for each hierarchy level. Unused nodes are grouped by hierarchy level. Members can be moved between the Unused and Root nodes, by dragging and dropping or by cutting and pasting.

    In System Administration, unused nodes are visible in the Preview pane. In Security, the unused nodes are visible in the Hierarchy Member Permissions pane. Any member whether under the Root node or Unused node, can be assigned a permission. The Root, Unused, and Unused pseudo members can also be assigned permissions.

  • The stored procedure, mdm.udpConvertCollectionAndConsolidatedMembersToLeaf, converts explicit hierarchies to recursive derived hierarchies, and coverts consolidated and collection members to leaf members.

    Explicit hierarchies and consolidated and collection member types are still supported, so running the stored procedure is optional. However, if you use these items it's recommended that you run the stored procedure because they are deprecated. However, if you use these items it is recommended that you run the stored procedure because they're deprecated.

For information about explicit hierarchies, collections, and consolidated members see the following topics.

Attribute Entity Transaction Log Type

Entity transaction log type "Attribute" is deprecated, migrate to the "Member" entity transaction log type. For information about entity transaction log types, see the following topic:

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