Staging Stored Procedure (Master Data Services)

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

When initiating the staging process from SQL Server Management Studio, you use one of three stored procedures.

  • stg.udp_<name>_Leaf

  • stg.udp_<name>_Consolidated

  • stg.udp_<name>_Relationship

Where name is the name of the staging table that was specified when the entity was created.

Staging Process Stored Procedure Parameters

The following table lists the parameters of these stored procedures.

Parameter Description

The name of the version. This may or may not be case-sensitive, depending on your SQL Server collation setting.

Determines whether transactions are logged during the staging process. Possible values are:

0: Do not log transactions.

1: Log transactions.

For more information about transactions, see Transactions (Master Data Services).

Required, except by web service
The BatchTag value as specified in the staging table.

Required by web service only
The Batch_ID value as specified in the staging table.
User Name Optional parameter
User ID Optional parameter

Staging Process Stored Procedure Example

The following example shows how to start the staging process by using the staging stored procedure.

      @VersionName = N'VERSION_1',  
@LogFlag = 1,  
@BatchTag = N'batch1'  

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