StripCalculatedMembers (MDX)

Returns a set generated by removing calculated members from a specified set.




A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a set.


The StripCalculatedMembers function removes calculated members from a set. Calculated members can be added to a set by using the AddCalculatedMembers function, which returns calculated members that are defined on the server, or calculated members that were added within the query itself by using the WITH MEMBER syntax.


The following example removes all calculated members from the query.

WITH MEMBER Measures.MemberName AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Name')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberVal AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Member_Value')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberKey AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Key')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberID AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('ID')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberCaption AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Caption')  
MEMBER Measures.DayName AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day Name', TYPED)  
MEMBER Measures.DayNameTyped AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day Name')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofWeek AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Week')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofMonth AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Month')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofYear AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Year')  
SELECT StripCalculatedMembers(  
   { Measures.DefaultMember  
   , Measures.MemberName  
   , Measures.MemberVal  
   , Measures.MemberKey  
   , Measures.MemberID  
   , Measures.MemberCaption  
   , Measures.DayName  
   , Measures.DayNameTyped  
   , Measures.DayofWeek  
   , Measures.DayofMonth  
   , Measures.DayofYear  
   )  ON 0  
FROM [Adventure Works]  

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