Properties (MDX)

Returns a string, or a strongly-typed value, that contains a member property value.


Member_Expression.Properties(Property_Name [, TYPED])  


A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.

A valid string expression of a member property name.


The Properties function returns the value of the specified member for the specified member property. The member property can be any of the intrinsic member properties, such as NAME, ID, KEY, or CAPTION, or it can be a user-defined member property. For more information, see Intrinsic Member Properties (MDX) and User-Defined Member Properties (MDX).

By default, the value is coerced to be a string. If TYPED is specified, the return value is strongly typed.

  • If the property type is intrinsic, the function returns the original type of the member.

  • If the property type is user defined, the type of the return value is the same as the type of the return value of the MemberValue function.


Properties ('Key') returns the same result as Key0 except for composite keys. Properties ('Key') will return null for composite keys. Use the Keyx syntax for composite keys, as illustrated in the example. Properties ('Key0'), Properties('Key1'), Properties('Key2'), etc collectively form the composite key.


The following example returns both intrinsic and user-defined member properties, utilizing the TYPED argument to return the strongly typed value for the Day Name member property.

WITH MEMBER Measures.MemberName AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Name')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberVal AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Member_Value')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberKey AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Key')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberID AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('ID')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberCaption AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Caption')  
MEMBER Measures.DayName AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day Name', TYPED)  
MEMBER Measures.DayNameTyped AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day Name')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofWeek AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Week')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofMonth AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Month')  
MEMBER Measures.DayofYear AS   
   [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2003].Properties('Day of Year')  
SELECT {Measures.MemberName  
   , Measures.MemberVal  
   , Measures.MemberKey  
   , Measures.MemberID  
   , Measures.MemberCaption  
   , Measures.DayName  
   , Measures.DayNameTyped  
   , Measures.DayofWeek  
   , Measures.DayofMonth  
   , Measures.DayofYear  
   }  ON 0  
FROM [Adventure Works]  

The following example shows the use of the KEYx property.

MEMBER Measures.MemberKey AS   
   [Customer].[Customer Geography].[State-Province].&[QLD]&[AU].Properties('Key')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberKey0 AS   
   [Customer].[Customer Geography].[State-Province].&[QLD]&[AU].Properties('Key0')  
MEMBER Measures.MemberKey1 AS   
   [Customer].[Customer Geography].[State-Province].&[QLD]&[AU].Properties('Key1')  
SELECT {Measures.MemberKey  
   , Measures.MemberKey0  
   , Measures.MemberKey1     
   }  ON 0  
FROM [Adventure Works]  

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