Using Logical Functions

A logical function performs a logical operation or comparison on objects and expressions and returns a Boolean value. Logical functions are essential in Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) to determine the position of a member.

The most commonly used logical function is the IsEmpty function. For more information on how to use the IsEmpty function, see Working with Empty Values.

The following query shows how to use the IsLeaf and IsAncestor functions:


//Returns true if the CurrentMember on Calendar is a leaf member, ie it has no children

MEMBER MEASURES.[IsLeafDemo] AS IsLeaf([Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember)

//Returns true if the CurrentMember on Calendar is an Ancestor of July 1st 2001

MEMBER MEASURES.[IsAncestorDemo] AS IsAncestor([Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember, [Date].[Calendar].[Date].&[1])

SELECT{MEASURES.[IsLeafDemo],MEASURES.[IsAncestorDemo] } ON 0,

[Date].[Calendar].MEMBERS ON 1

FROM [Adventure Works]

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