Mapping Deprecated Functions

This section describes how deprecated functions are mapped by the ODBC 3.x Driver Manager to guarantee backward compatibility of ODBC 3.x drivers that are used with ODBC 2.x applications. The Driver Manager performs this mapping regardless of the version of the application. Because each of the ODBC 2.x functions in the following list is mapped to the corresponding ODBC 3.x function when called in an ODBC 3.x driver, the ODBC 3.x driver does not have to implement the ODBC 2.x functions.

The mapping in the list is triggered when the driver is an ODBC 3.x driver and the driver does not support the function that is being mapped.

The following table lists all duplicated functionality that was introduced in ODBC 3.x.

ODBC 2.x function ODBC 3.x function
SQLAllocConnect SQLAllocHandle
SQLAllocEnv SQLAllocHandle
SQLAllocStmt SQLAllocHandle
SQLBindParam[1] SQLBindParameter
SQLColAttributes SQLColAttribute
SQLError SQLGetDiagRec
SQLFreeConnect SQLFreeHandle
SQLFreeEnv SQLFreeHandle
SQLFreeStmt with an Option of SQL_DROP SQLFreeHandle
SQLGetConnectOption SQLGetConnectAttr
SQLGetStmtOption SQLGetStmtAttr
SQLParamOptions SQLSetStmtAttr
SQLSetConnectOption SQLSetConnectAttr
SQLSetParam[2] SQLBindParameter
SQLSetScrollOption SQLSetStmtAttr
SQLSetStmtOption SQLSetStmtAttr
SQLTransact SQLEndTran

[1] Even though this function did not exist in ODBC 2.x, it is in the Open Group and ISO standards.

[2] This is an ODBC 1.0 function.

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