Scalar Function Escape Sequence

ODBC uses escape sequences for scalar functions. The syntax of this escape sequence is as follows:

{fn scalar-function}  


In BNF notation, the syntax is as follows:

ODBC-scalar-function-escape ::=

ODBC-esc-initiator fn scalar-function ODBC-esc-terminator

scalar-function ::= function-name (argument-list)

(The definitions for the nonterminals function-name and function-name (argument-list) are derived from the list of scalar functions in Appendix E: Scalar Functions.)

ODBC-esc-initiator ::= {

ODBC-esc-terminator ::= }

To determine whether the data source supports procedures and the driver supports the ODBC procedure invocation syntax, an application can call SQLGetInfo. For more information, see Appendix E: Scalar Functions.