Deleting Rows in the Rowset with SQLSetPos

The delete operation of SQLSetPos makes the data source delete one or more selected rows of a table. To delete rows with SQLSetPos, the application calls SQLSetPos with Operation set to SQL_DELETE and RowNumber set to the number of the row to delete. If RowNumber is 0, all rows in the rowset are deleted.

After SQLSetPos returns, the deleted row is the current row and its status is SQL_ROW_DELETED. The row cannot be used in any further positioned operations, such as calls to SQLGetData or SQLSetPos.

When deleting all rows of the rowset (RowNumber is equal to 0), the application can prevent the driver from deleting certain rows by using the row operation array, in the same way as for the update operation of SQLSetPos. (See Updating Rows in the Rowset with SQLSetPos.)

Every row that is deleted should be a row that exists in the result set. If the application buffers were filled by fetching and if a row status array has been maintained, its values at each of these row positions should not be SQL_ROW_DELETED, SQL_ROW_ERROR, or SQL_ROW_NOROW.