Level 1 Interface Conformance

The Level 1 interface conformance level includes the Core interface conformance level functionality plus additional features, such as transactions, that are usually available in an OLTP relational DBMS. A Level 1 interface-conformant driver lets the application do the following, in addition to the features in the Core interface conformance level:

Feature number Description
101 Specify the schema of database tables and views (using two-part naming). (For more information, see the three-part naming feature 201 in Level 2 Interface Conformance.)
102 Invoke true asynchronous execution of ODBC functions, where applicable ODBC functions are all synchronous or all asynchronous on a given connection.
103 Use scrollable cursors, and thereby achieve access to a result set in methods other than forward-only, by calling SQLFetchScroll with the FetchOrientation argument other than SQL_FETCH_NEXT. (The SQL_FETCH_BOOKMARK FetchOrientation is in feature 204 in Level 2 Interface Conformance.)
104 Obtain primary keys of tables, by calling SQLPrimaryKeys.
105 Use stored procedures, through the ODBC escape sequence for procedure calls, and query the data dictionary regarding stored procedures, by calling SQLProcedureColumns and SQLProcedures. (The process by which procedures are created and stored on the data source is outside the scope of this document.)
106 Connect to a data source by interactively browsing the available servers, by calling SQLBrowseConnect.
107 Use ODBC functions instead of SQL statements to perform certain database operations: SQLSetPos with SQL_POSITION and SQL_REFRESH.
108 Gain access to the contents of multiple result sets generated by batches and stored procedures, by calling SQLMoreResults.
109 Delimit transactions spanning several ODBC functions, with true atomicity and the ability to specify SQL_ROLLBACK in SQLEndTran.