Scrolling by Bookmark

When fetching rows with SQLFetchScroll, an application can use a bookmark as a basis for selecting the starting row. This is a form of absolute addressing because it does not depend on the current cursor position. To scroll to a bookmarked row, the application calls SQLFetchScroll with a FetchOrientation of SQL_FETCH_BOOKMARK. This operation uses the bookmark pointed to by the SQL_ATTR_FETCH_BOOKMARK_PTR statement attribute. It returns the rowset starting with the row identified by that bookmark. An application can specify an offset for this operation in the FetchOffset argument of the call to SQLFetchScroll. When an offset is specified, the first row of the returned rowset is determined by adding the number in the FetchOffset argument to the number of the row identified by the bookmark. This use of the FetchOffset argument is not supported when used with ODBC 2.x drivers; when an application calls SQLFetchScroll in an ODBC 2.x driver with FetchOrientation set to SQL_FETCH_BOOKMARK, the FetchOffset argument must be set to 0.