SQLDataSourceToDriver Function

SQLDataSourceToDriver supportstranslations for ODBC drivers. This function is not called by ODBC-enabled applications; applications request translation through SQLSetConnectAttr. The driver associated with the ConnectionHandle specified in SQLSetConnectAttr calls the specified DLL to perform translations of all data flowing from the data source to the driver. A default translation DLL can be specified in the ODBC initialization file.


BOOL SQLDataSourceToDriver(  
     UDWORD     fOption,  
     SWORD      fSqlType,  
     PTR        rgbValueIn,  
     SDWORD     cbValueIn,  
     PTR        rgbValueOut,  
     SDWORD     cbValueOutMax,  
     SDWORD *   pcbValueOut,  
     UCHAR *    szErrorMsg,  
     SWORD      cbErrorMsgMax,  
     SWORD *    pcbErrorMsg);  


[Input] Option value.

[Input] The SQL data type. This argument tells the driver how to convert rgbValueIn into a form acceptable by the application. For a list of valid SQL data types, see the SQL Data Types section in Appendix D: Data Types.

[Input] Value to translate.

[Input] Length of rgbValueIn.

[Output] Result of the translation.


The translation DLL does not null-terminate this value.

[Input] Length of rgbValueOut.

[Output] The total number of bytes (excluding the null-termination byte) available to return in rgbValueOut.

For character or binary data, if this is greater than or equal to cbValueOutMax, the data in rgbValueOut is truncated to cbValueOutMax bytes.

For all other data types, the value of cbValueOutMax is ignored and the translation DLL assumes that the size of rgbValueOut is the size of the default C data type of the SQL data type specified with fSqlType.

The pcbValueOut argument can be a null pointer.

[Output] Pointer to storage for an error message. This is an empty string unless the translation failed.

[Input] Length of szErrorMsg.

[Output] Pointer to the total number of bytes (excluding the null-termination byte) available to return in szErrorMsg. If this is greater than or equal to cbErrorMsg, the data in szErrorMsg is truncated to cbErrorMsgMax minus the null-termination character. The pcbErrorMsg argument can be a null pointer.


TRUE if the translation was successful, FALSE if the translation failed.


The driver calls SQLDataSourceToDriver to translate alldata (result set data, table names, row counts, error messages, and so on) passing from the data source to the driver. The translation DLL might not translate some data, depending on the data's type and the purpose of the translation DLL; for example, a DLL that translates character data from one code page to another ignores all numeric and binary data.

The value of fOption is set to the value of vParam specified by calling SQLSetConnectAttr with the SQL_ATTR_TRANSLATE_OPTION attribute. It is a 32-bit value that has a specific meaning for a given translation DLL. For example, it could specify a certain character set translation.

If the same buffer is specified for rgbValueIn and rgbValueOut, the translation of data in the buffer will be performed in place.

Although cbValueIn, cbValueOutMax, and pcbValueOut are of the type SDWORD, SQLDataSourceToDriver does not necessarily support huge pointers.

If SQLDataSourceToDriver returns FALSE, data truncation might have occurred during translation. If pcbValueOut (the number of bytes available to return in the output buffer) is greater than cbValueOutMax (the length of the output buffer), then truncation occurred. The driver must determine whether the truncation was acceptable. If truncation did not occur, the SQLDataSourceToDriver returned FALSE due to another error. In either case, a specific error message is returned in szErrorMsg.

For more information about translating data, see Translation DLLs.

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