Restore Database (Files Page)

Applies to: SQL Server

Use the Files page of the Restore Database dialog box to manage the specific files you have chosen to restore within the database.


Restore database files as

Use to assign and manage the new file path to the restored files.

Relocate all files to folder
Relocates restored files.

Option Description
Data file folder Enter or search for the data file folder name that the restored data file or files should be relocated to.
Log file folder Enter or search for the log file or files folder that the restored log file should be relocated to.

Logical File Name
Displays one row for each database file to be restored.

File Type
Displays the file type.

Original File Name
Displays the original file path for the restored file.

Restore As
Lists the file names that the restored files are to be saved as. Enter or search for the appropriate file name.

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