SQL Server Data Types in the .NET Framework

Applies to: SQL Server

The SqlTypes library is part of the base class library of the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is designed to provide data types with the same semantics and precision as those found in the SQL Server database. This topic describes the new semantics to .NET Framework programmers, and introduces the types implemented in the System.Data.SqlTypes namespace that is included in the System.Data library.

This following table lists the topics in this section.

Nullability and Three-Value Logic Comparisons
Discusses how NULL values are handled with common language runtime (CLR) integration data types.

Collation and CLR Integration Data Types
Describes how collations are handled with CLR integration.

Handling Large Object (LOB) Parameters in the CLR
Describes how to pass LOB types between SQL Server and the CLR.

Mapping CLR Parameter Data
Shows data type mappings between SQL Server, CLR integration, and the .NET Framework.