Applies to: SQL Server


Attribute Value
Product Name SQL Server
Event ID 3043
Component SQLEngine
Message Text BACKUP '%ls' detected an error on page (%d:%d) in file '%ls'.


This error is raised during a backup operation if SQL Server detects that a page is damaged. Specifically you get this error if the page checksum validation fails during the backup operation. The validation failure is a result of a corrupt database page. A record of the detected bad page would be added to the suspect_pages table in MSDB.

A database page could be damaged due to many reasons including hardware failures and OS issues.

In this scenario, SQL Server stops the backup operations and reports an error like this:

Msg 3043, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 
BACKUP 'database_name' detected an error on page (file_id:page_number) in file 'database_file'. 
Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. 

When you use the CHECKSUM option during a backup operation, the following processes are enabled:

  • Validation of page checksum if the database has the PAGE_VERIFY option set to CHECKSUM and the database page was last written by using checksum protection. This checksum validation ensures that the data that is backed up is in a good state.

  • Generation of a backup checksum over the backup streams that are written to the backup file. During a restore operation, this validation ensures that the backup media wasn't damaged during file copy or transfers.

User Action

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB on the impacted database to check its consistency state and address database inconsistencies. For more information, see Troubleshoot database consistency errors reported

  • Investigate your hardware to ensure no other database pages are impacted and that this issue doesn't occur in the future

  • Restore the page from a good database backup. For more information, see Restore Pages (SQL Server)