CPU Threshold Exceeded Event Class

Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

The CPU Threshold Exceeded event class indicates that Resource Governor detects a query that exceeds the CPU threshold specified for REQUEST_MAX_CPU_TIME_SEC.


The detection interval for this event is five seconds. It is guaranteed that an event will be generated if a query exceeds the specified limit by at least five seconds. However, if a query exceeds the specified threshold by less than five seconds, its detection might be missed depending on the timing of the query and the time of last detection sweep.

CPU Threshold Exceeded Data Columns

Data column name Data type Description Column ID Filterable
CPU int CPU usage in milliseconds. 18 Yes
EventClass int 214 27 No
EventSubClass int CPU limit violation. 21 Yes
GroupID int Group ID where the violation occurred. 66 Yes
OwnerID int SPID of the process that caused the violation. 58 Yes
SPID int ID of the server process that fires this event.

Note: This can differ from the actual user SPID if a system thread validates CPU usage as a background task.
12 Yes
StartTime datetime The time when this event fired. 14 Yes

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