Use OPENJSON with the Default Schema

Applies to: SQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics

Use OPENJSON with the default schema to return a table with one row for each property of the object or for each element in the array.

Here are some examples that use OPENJSON with the default schema. For more info and more examples, see OPENJSON (Transact-SQL).

Example - Return each property of an object


FROM OPENJSON('{"name":"John","surname":"Doe","age":45}') 


Key Value
name John
surname Doe
age 45

Example - Return each element of an array


SELECT [key],value
FROM OPENJSON('["en-GB", "en-UK","de-AT","es-AR","sr-Cyrl"]') 


Key Value
0 en-GB
1 en-UK
2 de-AT
3 es-AR
4 sr-Cyrl

Example - Convert JSON to a temporary table

The following query returns all properties of the info object.


SET @json=N'{  
       "tags":["Sport", "Water polo"]  

FROM OPENJSON(@json,N'lax $.info')


Key Value Type
type 1 0
address { "town":"Bristol", "county":"Avon", "country":"England" } 5
tags [ "Sport", "Water polo" ] 4

Example - Combine relational data and JSON data

In the following example, the SalesOrderHeader table has a SalesReason text column that contains an array of SalesOrderReasons in JSON format. The SalesOrderReasons objects contain properties like "Manufacturer" and "Quality." The example creates a report that joins every sales order row to the related sales reasons by expanding the JSON array of sales reasons as if the reasons were stored in a separate child table.

SELECT SalesOrderID,OrderDate,value AS Reason
FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader

In this example, OPENJSON returns a table of sales reasons in which the reasons appear as the value column. The CROSS APPLY operator joins each sales order row to the rows returned by the OPENJSON table-valued function.

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