Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics Analytics Platform System (PDW)

The SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver extends SQLGetStmtAttr to expose driver-specific statement attributes.

SQLSetStmtAttr lists statement attributes that are both read and write. This topic lists the read only statement attributes.


The SQL_SOPT_SS_CURRENT_COMMAND attribute exposes the current command of a command batch. The return is an integer that specifies the location of the command in the batch. The ValuePtr value is of type SQLLEN.


The SQL_SOPT_SS_NOCOUNT_STATUS attribute indicates the current setting of the NOCOUNT option, which controls whether SQL Server reports the numbers of rows affected by a statement when SQLRowCount is called. The ValuePtr value is of type SQLLEN.

Value Description
SQL_NC_OFF NOCOUNT is OFF. SQLRowCount returns number of rows affected.
SQL_NC_ON NOCOUNT is ON. The number of rows affected is not returned by SQLRowCount and the returned value is 0.

If SQLRowCount returns 0, the application should test SQL_SOPT_SS_NOCOUNT_STATUS. If SQL_NC_ON is returned, the value of 0 from SQLRowCount only indicates that SQL Server has not returned a row count. If SQL_NC_OFF is returned, it means that NOCOUNT is off and the value of 0 from SQLRowCount indicates that the statement did not affect any rows.

Applications should not display the value of SQLRowCount when SQL_SOPT_SS_NOCOUNT_STATUS is SQL_NC_OFF. Large batches or stored procedures can contain multiple SET NOCOUNT statements, so it cannot be assumed that SQL_SOPT_SS_NOCOUNT_STATUS remains constant. This option should be tested each time SQLRowCount returns 0.


The SQL_SOPT_SS_QUERYNOTIFICATION_MSGTEXT attribute returns the message text for the query notification request.

SQLGetStmtAttr and Table-valued Parameters

SQLGetStmtAttr can be called to get the value of SQL_SOPT_SS_PARAM_FOCUS in the application parameter descriptor (APD) when working with table-valued parameters. For more information on SQL_SOPT_SS_PARAM_FOCUS, see SQLSetStmtAttr.

For more information about table-valued parameters, see Table-Valued Parameters (ODBC).

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