SQLXML 4.0 Programming Concepts

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

SQLXML 3.0 was offered as a Web release to provide additional client-side XML functionality and enhancements to existing features, such as annotated XSD schemas, XML bulk load, Web services (SOAP) support, and updategrams.

SQL Server 2005 (9.x) introduced SQLXML 4.0, which continues to deliver the same functionality as SQLXML 3.0 plus additional updates provided to accommodate new features introduced with SQL Server 2005 (9.x).

This section provides information about SQLXML 4.0.

SQLXML Is Not Installed in SQL Server
Describes how to install SQLXML 4.0.

What's New in SQLXML 4.0 SP1
Describes the updates and enhancements in SQLXML 4.0, and provides links to relevant topics in this documentation.

Using ADO to Execute SQLXML 4.0 Queries
Describes how to use ADO for SQLXML queries. ADO is more prominent in SQLXML 4.0 than in previous versions.

xml Data Type Support in SQLXML 4.0
Describes the support for the xml data type that has been added for SQLXML 4.0.

Requirements for Running SQLXML Examples
Describe the requirements for creating working samples from the SQLXML examples provided.

Client-side and Server-side Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)
Provides information about and comparisons of client-side and server-side formatting, including the FOR XML command for constructing XML documents.

Annotated XSD Schemas in SQLXML 4.0
Provides information about using annotated XSD schemas in SQLXML 4.0. Also provides information about annotated XDR schemas for use in legacy applications.

Using XPath Queries in SQLXML 4.0
Describes how to use a subset of the XPath language to query the XML views created by an annotated XSD schema, and provides examples.

Using Updategrams to Modify Data in SQLXML 4.0
Provides information about updategrams, which modify data in a database by working against the XML views provided by XSD (or XDR) annotated schemas.

Performing Bulk Load of XML Data (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes how to bulk load XML in SQLXML 4.0.

SQLXML 4.0 Data Access Components
Documents the SQLXMLOLEDB Provider and provides links to other SQLXML 4.0 data access components.

SQLXML 4.0 .NET Framework Support
Describes the SQLXML 4.0 support for the .NET Framework.

Caching Templates, XSL, and Schemas (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes the caching functionality provided in SQLXML to improve performance.

SQLXML 4.0 Security Considerations
Discusses security issues relevant to SQLXML 4.0.

Guidelines and Limitations of SQLXML 4.0
Lists issues to remember when working with SQLXML 4.0.

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