Data-tier Application Views - dbo.sysdac_instances

Applies to: SQL Server

Displays one row for each data-tier application (DAC) instance deployed to an instance of the Database Engine. sysdac_instances belongs to the dbo schema in the msdb database. The following table describes the columns in the sysdac_instances view.

Column name Data type Description
instance_id uniqueidentifier Identifier of the DAC instance.
instance_name sysname Name of the DAC instance specified when the DAC was deployed.
type_name sysname Name of the DAC specified when the DAC package was created.
type_version nvarchar(64) Version of the DAC specified when the DAC package was created.
description nvarchar(4000) A description of the DAC written when the DAC package was created.
type_stream varbinary(max) A bit stream that contains an encoded representation of the logical objects, such as tables and views, contained in the DAC.
date_created datetime Date and time the DAC instance was created.
created_by sysname Login that created the DAC instance.
database_name sysname Name of the database created for the DAC isntance.


A DAC includes a DAC type, which is a definition of the logical data-tier objects used by an application, such as tables and views. A DAC package is a file used to deploy a DAC. The DAC package contains a representation of all the logical objects contained in the DAC type. The DAC package can be used to deploy one or more copies, or instances, of the DAC to an instance of the Database Engine. Each DAC instance deployed from the same DAC package shares the same type, but is assigned a unique instance name and identifier.


Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role to view all of the columns. Members of the public role can view the instance_name, description, and type_version columns.

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