sys.external_libraries (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server 2017 (14.x) and later Azure SQL Managed Instance

Supports the management of package libraries related to external runtimes such as R, Python, and Java.


In SQL Server 2017, R language and Windows platform are supported. R, Python, and Java on the Windows and Linux platforms are supported in SQL Server 2019 and later. On Azure SQL Managed Instance, R and Python are supported.


The catalog view sys.external_libraries lists a row for each external library that has been uploaded into the database.

Column name Data type Description
external_library_id int ID of the external library object.
name sysname Name of the external library. Is unique within the database per owner.
principal_id int ID of the principal that owns this external library.
language sysname Name of the language or runtime that supports the external library. Valid values are 'R', 'Python', and 'Java'. Additional runtimes might be added in future.
scope int 0 for public scope; 1 for private scope
scope_desc varchar(7) Indicates whether the package is public or private

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