sys.pdw_health_alerts (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: Analytics Platform System (PDW)

This view stores properties for the different alerts that can occur on the system. This table is a catalog table for alerts.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
alert_id int Unique identifier of the alert.
Key for this view.
component_id int ID of the component this alert applies to. The component is a general component identifier, such as "Power Supply," and is not specific to an installation. See sys.pdw_health_components (Transact-SQL). NOT NULL
alert_name nvarchar(255) Name of the alert. NOT NULL
state nvarchar(32) State of the alert. NOT NULL

Possible values:
severity nvarchar(32) Severity of the alert. NOT NULL

Possible values:
type nvarchar(32) Type of alert. NOT NULL

Possible values:

StatusChange - The device status has changed.

Threshold - A value has exceeded the threshold value.
description nvarchar(4000) Description of the alert. NOT NULL
condition nvarchar(255) Used when type = Threshold. Defines how the alert threshold is calculated. NULL
status nvarchar(32) Alert status NULL
condition_value bit Indicates whether the alert is allowed to occur during system operation. NULL

Possible values
0 - Alert is not generated.
1 - Alert is generated.

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