sys.pdw_loader_run_stages (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: Analytics Platform System (PDW)

Contains information about ongoing and completed load operations in Analytics Platform System (PDW). The information persists across system restarts.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
run_id int Unique identifier of a loader run.
stage nvarchar(30) The current stage for the run. 'CREATE_STAGING', 'DMS_LOAD', 'LOAD_INSERT', 'LOAD_CLEANUP'
request_id nvarchar(32) ID of the request running this stage.
status nvarchar(16) Status of this phase.
start_time datetime Time at which the stage was started.
end_time datetime Time at which the stage ended, if any. NULL if not started or in progress.
total_elapsed_time int Total time this stage spent (or spent so far) running. If total_elapsed_time exceeds the maximum value for an integer (24.8 days in milliseconds), it will cause materialization failure due to overflow.

The maximum value in milliseconds is equivalent to 24.8 days.

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