sys.workload_management_workload_classifiers (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: Azure Synapse Analytics

Returns details for workload classifiers.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
classifier_id int Unique ID of the classifier. Is not nullable
group_name sysname Name of the workload group the classifier is assigned to. Is not nullable. Joinable to sys.workload_management_workload_groups
name sysname Name of the classifier. Must be unique to the instance. Is not nullable.
importance sysname Is the relative importance of a request in this workload group and across workload groups for shared resources. Importance specified in the classifier overrides the workload group importance setting. Is nullable. When null, the workload group importance setting is used. low, below_normal, normal (default), above_normal, high
create_time datetime Time the classifier was created. Is not nullable.
modify_time datetime Time the classifier was last modified. Is not nullable.
is_enabled bit INTERNAL


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

Next steps

For a list of all the catalog views for Azure Synapse Analytics and Parallel Data Warehouse, see Azure Synapse Analytics and Parallel Data Warehouse Catalog Views. To create a workload classifier, see CREATE WORKLOAD CLASSIFIER. For more information on workload classification, see Workload Classification