syspolicy_conditions (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Displays one row for each Policy-Based Management condition in the instance of SQL Server. syspolicy_conditions belongs to the dbo schema in the msdb database. The following table describes the columns in the syspolicy_conditions view.

Column name Data type Description
condition_id int Identifier of this condition. Each condition represents a collection of one or more condition expressions.
name sysname Name of the condition.
date_created datetime Date and time the condition was created.
description nvarchar(max) Description of the condition. The description column is optional and can be NULL.
created_by sysname Login that created the condition.
modified_by sysname Login that most recently modified the condition. Is NULL if never modified.
date_modified datetime Date and time the condition was created. Is NULL if never modified.
is_name_condition smallint Specifies whether the condition is a naming condition.

0 = The condition expression does not contain the @Name variable.

1 = The condition expression contains the @Name variable.
facet nvarchar(max) Name of the facet that the condition is based on.
Expression nvarchar(max) Expression of the facet states.
obj_name sysname The object name assigned to @Name if the condition expression contains this variable.


When you are troubleshooting Policy-Based Management, query the syspolicy_conditions view to determine who created or last changed the condition.


Requires membership in the PolicyAdministratorRole role in the msdb database.

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