sys.dm_database_copies (Azure SQL Database)

Applies to: Azure SQL Database

Returns information about ongoing database copy operations for a database in Azure SQL Database.

To return information about geo-replication links, use the sys.geo_replication_links or sys.dm_geo_replication_link_status views.

Column Name Data Type Description
database_id int The ID of the current database in the sys.databases view.
start_date datetimeoffset The UTC time at a regional SQL Database datacenter when the database copying was initiated.
modify_date datetimeoffset The UTC time at regional SQL Database datacenter when the database copying has completed. The new database is transactionally consistent with the primary database as of this time. The completion information is updated every 1 minute.

UTC time reflecting the last update of the percent_complete field.
percent_complete real The percentage of bytes that have been copied. Values range from 0 to 100. SQL Database may automatically recover from some errors, such as failover, and restart the database copy. In this case, percent_complete would restart from 0.
error_code int When greater than 0, the code indicating the error that has occurred while copying. Value equals 0 if no errors have occurred.
error_desc nvarchar(4096) Description of the error that occurred while copying.
error_severity int Returns 16 if the database copy failed.
error_state int Returns 1 if copy failed.
copy_guid uniqueidentifier Unique ID of the copy operation.
partner_server sysname Name of the SQL Database server where the copy is created.
partner_database sysname Name of the database copy on the partner server.
replication_state tinyint The state of continuous-copy replication for this database. Values are:

0=Pending. Creation of the database copy is scheduled but the necessary preparation steps are not yet completed or are temporarily blocked by the seeding quota.

1=Seeding. The copy database being seeded is not yet fully synchronized with the source database. In this state you cannot connect to the copy. To cancel the seeding operation in progress, the copy database must be dropped.
replication_state_desc nvarchar(256) Description of replication_state, one of:


maximum_lag int Reserved field.
is_continuous_copy bit 0 = Returns 0
is_target_role bit 0 =Source database

1 = Copy database
is_interlink_connected bit Reserved field.
is_offline_secondary bit Reserved field.


This view is only available in the master database on the logical server to the server-level principal login.


You can use the sys.dm_database_copies view in the master database of the source or target logical server in Azure SQL Database. When the database copy completes successfully and the new database becomes ONLINE, the row in the sys.dm_database_copies view is removed automatically.

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