sys.dm_db_xtp_index_stats (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

Contains statistics collected since the last database restart.

For more information, see In-Memory OLTP (In-Memory Optimization) and Guidelines for Using Indexes on Memory-Optimized Tables.

Column name Data type Description
object_id bigint ID of the object to which this index belongs.
xtp_object_id bigint Internal ID corresponding to the current version of the object.

Note: Applies to SQL Server 2016 (13.x).
index_id bigint ID of the index. The index_id is unique only within the object.
scans_started bigint Number of In-Memory OLTP index scans performed. Every select, insert, update, or delete requires an index scan.
scans_retries bigint Number of index scans that needed to be retried,
rows_returned bigint Cumulative number of rows returned since the table was created or the start of SQL Server.
rows_touched bigint Cumulative number of rows accessed since the table was created or the start of SQL Server.
rows_expiring bigint Internal use only.
rows_expired bigint Internal use only.
rows_expired_removed bigint Internal use only.
phantom_scans_started bigint Internal use only.
phatom_scans_retries bigint Internal use only.
phantom_rows_touched bigint Internal use only.
phantom_expiring_rows_encountered bigint Internal use only.
phantom_expired_rows_encountered bigint Internal use only.
phantom_expired_removed_rows_encountered bigint Internal use only.
phantom_expired_rows_removed bigint Internal use only.
object_address varbinary(8) Internal use only.


Requires VIEW DATABASE STATE permission on the current database.

Permissions for SQL Server 2022 and later

Requires VIEW DATABASE PERFORMANCE STATE permission on the database.

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