sys.dm_exec_distributed_request_steps (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later versions

Holds information about all steps that compose a given PolyBase request or query. It lists one row per query step.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
execution_id int execution_id and step_index make up the key for this view. Unique numeric id associated with the request. See ID in sys.dm_exec_requests (Transact-SQL).
step_index int The position of this step in the sequence of steps that make up the request. 0 to (n-1) for a request with n steps.
operation_type nvarchar(128) Type of the operation represented by this step. 'MoveOperation','OnOperation','RandomIDOperation','RemoteOperation','ReturnOperation','ShuffleMoveOperation','TempTablePropertiesOperation','DropDiagnosticsNotifyOperation', 'HadoopShuffleOperation', 'HadoopBroadCastOperation', 'HadoopRoundRobinOperation'
distribution_type nvarchar(32) Where the step is executing. 'AllComputeNodes','AllDistributions','ComputeNode','Distribution','AllNodes','SubsetNodes','SubsetDistributions','Unspecified'.
location_type nvarchar(32) Where the step is executing. 'Compute','Head' or 'DMS'. All data movement steps show 'DMS'.
status nvarchar(32) Status of this step 'Pending', 'Running', 'Complete', 'Failed', 'UndoFailed', 'PendingCancel', 'Cancelled', 'Undone', 'Aborted'
error_id nvarchar(36) Unique id of the error associated with this step, if any See id of sys.dm_exec_compute_node_errors (Transact-SQL), NULL if no error occurred.
start_time datetime Time at which the step started execution Smaller or equal to current time and larger or equal to end_compile_time of the query to which this step belongs.
end_time datetime Time at which this step completed execution, was cancelled, or failed. Smaller or equal to current time and larger or equal to start_time, set to NULL for steps currently in execution or queued.
total_elapsed_time int Total amount of time the query step has been executing, in milliseconds Between 0 and the difference between end_time and start_time. 0 for queued steps.
row_count bigint Total number of rows changed or returned by this request 0 for steps that did not change or return data, number of rows affected otherwise. Set to -1 for DMS steps.
command nvarchar(4000) Holds the full text of the command of this step. Any valid request string for a step. Truncated if longer than 4000 characters.

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