sys.dm_os_process_memory (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure Synapse Analytics Analytics Platform System (PDW)

Most memory allocations that are attributed to the SQL Server process space are controlled through interfaces that allow for tracking and accounting of those allocations. However, memory allocations might be performed in the SQL Server address space that bypasses internal memory management routines. Values are obtained through calls to the base operating system. They are not manipulated by methods internal to SQL Server, except when it adjusts for locked or large page allocations.

All returned values that indicate memory sizes are shown in kilobytes (KB). The column total_virtual_address_space_reserved_kb is a duplicate of virtual_memory_in_bytes from sys.dm_os_sys_info.

The following table provides a complete picture of the process address space.


To call this from Azure Synapse Analytics or Analytics Platform System (PDW), use the name sys.dm_pdw_nodes_os_process_memory. This syntax is not supported by serverless SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Column name Data type Description
physical_memory_in_use_kb bigint Indicates the process working set in KB, as reported by operating system, as well as tracked allocations by using large page APIs. Not nullable.
large_page_allocations_kb bigint Specifies physical memory allocated by using large page APIs. Not nullable.
locked_page_allocations_kb bigint Specifies memory pages locked in memory. Not nullable.
total_virtual_address_space_kb bigint Indicates the total size of the user mode part of the virtual address space. Not nullable.
virtual_address_space_reserved_kb bigint Indicates the total amount of virtual address space reserved by the process. Not nullable.
virtual_address_space_committed_kb bigint Indicates the amount of reserved virtual address space that has been committed or mapped to physical pages. Not nullable.
virtual_address_space_available_kb bigint Indicates the amount of virtual address space that is currently free. Not nullable.

Note: Free regions that are smaller than the allocation granularity can exist. These regions are unavailable for allocations.
page_fault_count bigint Indicates the number of page faults that are incurred by the SQL Server process. Not nullable.
memory_utilization_percentage int Specifies the percentage of committed memory that is in the working set. Not nullable.
available_commit_limit_kb bigint Indicates the amount of memory that is available to be committed by the process. Not nullable.
process_physical_memory_low bit Indicates that the process is responding to low physical memory notification. Not nullable.
process_virtual_memory_low bit Indicates that low virtual memory condition has been detected. Not nullable.
pdw_node_id int Applies to: Azure Synapse Analytics, Analytics Platform System (PDW)

The identifier for the node that this distribution is on.


On SQL Server requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.

On SQL Server and SQL Managed Instance, requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

On SQL Database Basic, S0, and S1 service objectives, and for databases in elastic pools, the server admin account, the Microsoft Entra admin account, or membership in the ##MS_ServerStateReader## server role is required. On all other SQL Database service objectives, either the VIEW DATABASE STATE permission on the database, or membership in the ##MS_ServerStateReader## server role is required.

Permissions for SQL Server 2022 and later

Requires VIEW SERVER PERFORMANCE STATE permission on the server.

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