Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

Returns one row with the current configuration for the SQL Server failover cluster diagnostic log. These property settings determine whether the diagnostic logging is on or off, and the location, number, and size of the log files.

Column Name Data Type Description
is_enabled bit Indicates if the logging is turned on or off.

1 = Diagnostics logging is turned on

0 = Diagnostics logging is turned off
max_size int Maximum size in megabytes to which each of the diagnostic logs can grow. The default is 100 MB.
max_files int Maximum number of diagnostic log files that can be stored on the computer before they are recycled for new diagnostic logs.
path nvarchar(260) Path indicating the location of the diagnostic logs. The default location is <\MSSQL\Log> within the installation folder of the SQL Server failover cluster instance.


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permissions on the SQL Server failover cluster instance.

Permissions for SQL Server 2022 and later

Requires VIEW SERVER PERFORMANCE STATE permission on the server.


The following example uses sys.dm_os_server_diagnostics_log_configurations to return the property settings for the SQL Server failover diagnostic logs.

SELECT <list of columns>  
FROM sys.dm_os_server_diagnostics_log_configurations;  

Here is the result set.

1 <C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13\MSSQL\Log> 10 10

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