sys.dm_resource_governor_configuration (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions)

Returns a row that contains the current in-memory configuration state of Resource Governor.

Column name Data type Description
classifier_function_id int The ID of the classifier function that is currently used by Resource Governor. Returns a value of 0 if no function is being used. Is not nullable.

Note: This function is used to classify new requests and uses rules to route these requests to the appropriate workload group. For more information, see Resource Governor.
is_reconfiguration_pending bit Indicates whether or not changes to a group or pool were made with the ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR RECONFIGURE statement but have not been applied to the in-memory configuration. The value returned is one of:

0 - A reconfiguration statement is not required.

1 - A reconfiguration statement or server restart is required in order for pending configuration changes to be applied.

Note: The value returned is always 0 when Resource Governor is disabled.

Is not nullable.
max_outstanding_io_per_volume int Applies to: SQL Server 2014 (12.x) and later.

The maximum number of outstanding I/O per volume.


This dynamic management view shows the in-memory configuration. To see the stored configuration metadata, use the corresponding catalog view.

The following example shows how to get and compare the stored metadata values and the in-memory values of the Resource Governor configuration.

USE master;  
-- Get the stored metadata.  
object_schema_name(classifier_function_id) AS 'Classifier UDF schema in metadata',   
object_name(classifier_function_id) AS 'Classifier UDF name in metadata'  
-- Get the in-memory configuration.  
object_schema_name(classifier_function_id) AS 'Active classifier UDF schema',   
object_name(classifier_function_id) AS 'Active classifier UDF name'  


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

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