Change Tracking Functions (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

Change tracking records insert, update, and delete activity applied to tracked tables, supplying the details of the changes in an easily consumed relational format. The following functions return information about the changes.

Function Description
CHANGETABLE (CHANGES) Returns tracking information for all changes to a table that have occurred since a specified version.
CHANGETABLE (VERSION) Returns the latest change tracking information for a specified row.
CHANGE_TRACKING_MIN_VALID_VERSION() Returns the minimum version that is valid for use in obtaining change tracking information from the specified table when you are using the CHANGETABLE function.
CHANGE_TRACKING_CURRENT_VERSION Obtains a version that is associated with the last committed transaction. You can use this version the next time you enumerate changes by using CHANGETABLE.
CHANGE_TRACKING_IS_COLUMN_IN_MASK Interprets the SYS_CHANGE_COLUMNS value that is returned by the CHANGETABLE(CHANGES ...) function.
WITH CHANGE_TRACKING_CONTEXT Enables the specification of a change context, such as an originator ID, when an application changes data.

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