sp_databases (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Lists databases that either reside in an instance of the SQL Server or are accessible through a database gateway.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions



Return Code Values


Result Sets

Column name Data type Description
DATABASE_NAME sysname Name of the database. In the Database Engine, this column represents the database name as stored in the sys.databases catalog view.
DATABASE_SIZE int Size of database, in kilobytes.
REMARKS varchar(254) For the Database Engine, this field always returns NULL.


Database names that are returned can be used as parameters in the USE statement to change the current database context.

DATABASE_SIZE returns a NULL value for databases larger than 2.15 TB.

sp_databases has no equivalent in Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).


Requires CREATE DATABASE, or ALTER ANY DATABASE, or VIEW ANY DEFINITION permission, and must have access permission to the database. Cannot be denied VIEW ANY DEFINITION permission.


The following example shows executing sp_databases.

USE master;  
EXEC sp_databases;  

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