sp_delete_firewall_rule (Azure SQL Database)

Applies to: Azure SQL Database Azure Synapse Analytics

Removes server-level firewall settings from your SQL Database server. This stored procedure is only available in the master database to the server-level principal login.


sp_delete_firewall_rule [@name =] 'name' 
[ ; ] 


The argument of the stored procedure is:

[@name =] 'name'
The name of the server-level firewall setting that will be removed. name is nvarchar (128) with no default. The datatype of the value passed in must be nvarchar.


In SQL Database, login data required to authenticate a connection and server-level firewall rules are temporarily cached in each database. This cache is periodically refreshed. To force a refresh of the authentication cache and make sure that a database has the latest version of the logins table, execute DBCC FLUSHAUTHCACHE (Transact-SQL).

Because this is an extended stored procedure, the data type of the value passed in for the parameter much match exactly. Implicit conversions from other types will not take place.


Only the server-level principal login created by the provisioning process can delete server level firewall rules. The user must be connected to the master database to execute sp_delete_firewall_rule.


The following example removes the server-level firewall setting named 'Example setting 1'. Execute the statement in the virtual master database.

EXEC sp_delete_firewall_rule N'Example setting 1';   

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