sys.sp_cdc_disable_db (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Disables change data capture (CDC) for the current database. Change data capture isn't available in every edition of SQL Server. For a list of features that are supported by the editions of SQL Server, see Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2022.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions


[ ; ]

Return code values

0 (success) or 1 (failure).

Result set



sys.sp_cdc_disable_db disables change data capture for all tables in the database currently enabled. All system objects related to change data capture, such as change tables, jobs, stored procedures and functions, are dropped. The is_cdc_enabled column for the database entry in the sys.databases catalog view is set to 0.

If there are many capture instances defined for the database at the time change data capture is disabled, a long running transaction can cause the execution of sys.sp_cdc_disable_db to fail. This problem can be avoided by disabling the individual capture instances by using sys.sp_cdc_disable_table before running sys.sp_cdc_disable_db.


Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role for change data capture on Azure SQL Managed Instance or SQL Server. Requires membership in the db_owner for Change Data Capture on Azure SQL Database.


The following example disables change data capture for the AdventureWorks2022 database.

USE AdventureWorks2022;

EXECUTE sys.sp_cdc_disable_db;