dbo.cdc_jobs (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Stores the change data capture configuration parameters for capture and cleanup jobs. This table is stored in msdb.

Column name Data type Description
database_id int The ID of the database in which the job is run.
job_type nvarchar(20) The type of job, either 'capture' or 'cleanup'.
job_id uniqueidentifier A unique ID associated with the job.
maxtrans int The maximum number of transactions to process in each scan cycle.

maxtrans is valid only for capture jobs.
maxscans int The maximum number of scan cycles to execute in order to extract all rows from the log.

maxscans is valid only for capture jobs.
continuous bit A flag indicating whether the capture job is to run continuously (1), or run in one-time mode (0). For more information, see sys.sp_cdc_add_job (Transact-SQL).

continuous is valid only for capture jobs.
pollinginterval bigint The number of seconds between log scan cycles.

pollinginterval is valid only for capture jobs.
retention bigint The number of minutes that change rows are to be retained in change tables.

retention is valid only for cleanup jobs.
threshold bigint The maximum number of delete entries that can be deleted using a single statement on cleanup.

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