queryinsights.frequently_run_queries (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL analytics endpoint and Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric

The queryinsights.frequently_run_queries in Microsoft Fabric provides information about frequently run queries in Fabric Data Warehousing.

Column name Data type Description
last_run_start_time datetime2 Time of the most recent query execution.
last_run_command varchar(8000) Text of the last query execution.
number_of_runs int Total number of times the query was executed.
avg_total_elapsed_time_ms int Average query execution time (ms) across all runs.
last_run_total_elapsed_time_ms int Time taken by the last execution (ms).
last_dist_statement_id uniqueidentifier ID linking the query to queryinsights.exec_requests_history.
last_run_session_id smallint User session ID for the last execution.
min_run_total_elapsed_time_ms int Shortest query execution time (ms).
max_run_total_elapsed_time_ms int Longest query execution time (ms).
number_of_successful_runs int Number of successful query executions.
number_of_failed_runs int Number of failed query executions.
number_of_cancelled_runs int Number of canceled query executions.


You should have access to a SQL analytics endpoint or Warehouse within a Premium capacity workspace with Contributor or above permissions.

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