Report Server Web service

SQL Server Reporting Services provides access to the full functionality of the report server through the Report Server Web service. The Report Server Web service is an XML Web service with a SOAP API. It uses SOAP over HTTP and acts as a communications interface between client programs and the report server. The Web service provides two endpoints - one for report execution and one for report management - with methods that expose the functionality of the report server and enable you to create custom tools for any part of the report life cycle.

There are three primary ways to develop Reporting Services applications based on the Web service. You can:

Programming diagram

Report Server Web service development options
Reporting Services available Web service development options

In this section

Report Server Web Service Methods
Describes the features and methods of each Report Server Web service.

The Role of SOAP in Reporting Services
Provides an overview of SOAP and how it's used in the Report Server Web services.

Accessing the SOAP API
Describes the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) and provides URLs for accessing a Reporting Services WSDL file.

Building Applications Using the Web Service and the .NET Framework
Contains information about developing applications and Web services that call the Reporting Services SOAP API.

Script with the rs.exe Utility and the Web Service
Provides an overview of the Reporting Services scripting environment.

Technical Reference (SSRS)
Contains reference material specific to Report Server Web services methods and corresponding complex types.

User requirements for web service development

To develop applications using the Report Server Web service, you need:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later installed on a computer with an Internet connection to and access to the report server.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio or the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK installed on a computer if you want to develop and deploy Reporting Services applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • An in-depth understanding of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services features and capabilities.

  • A firm understanding of SOAP and XML Web Services.

  • Development experience in a .NET Framework-compatible language such as Microsoft C# or Microsoft Visual Basic, if you plan to use the .NET Framework as your development platform.

Report Server Web Service